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Hot Stamping is a dry printing method in which a heated die and foil are used to apply graphics to a surface. This is one method of security printing.

Hot stamping is a straight forward process;1) A die is mounted and heated, 2) Foil is positioned above the material to be imprinted, 3) A combination of heat, dwell time, pressure and stripping time control the quality of the stamp. Foil stamping is environmentally friendly due to it being a dry process. It does not use solvents or inks and does not create any harmful vapors.

A successful hot stamping job is directly related to the quality of the original artwork. In order to insure the highest quality reproduction of an imprint, the original artwork should be “camera-ready.” The better the artwork at the beginning, the better the imprint reproduction result. The key to a successful hot stamping job is three-fold; the first is creating a fixture to support the part firmly under the decorating area. Second, the fixture must also position the part for repeatability of the graphic location. And third, the fixture must allow the operator to easily load and unload the part from the fixture.

Product: GP-350


Product: GP-350


Product: HBGP-50
/HBGP-50 Samples1

HBGP-50 Samples1

Product: HBGP-50
/HBGP-50 Samples2

HBGP-50 Samples2

Product: HGP-300


Product: GP-300


Product: HGP-350


Product: HGP-350


Product: GP-300
/hot stamping die 1

hot stamping die 1

Product: GP-300
/hot stamping die 2

hot stamping die 2

Product: GP-300
/hot stamping die net 3

hot stamping die net 3

Product: GP-300
/hot stamping foil 1

hot stamping foil 1

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